Outdoor Promotional Banner

Who can help me with purchasing an outdoor promotional banner?

Outdoor banners are a fantastic way of signposting your place of work and getting yourself noticed by passers by. The outdoor banner should be large, noticeable and promote who you are what you do. The banner should also appeal to your audience and be easily noticed by people far in the distance, helping to encourage them to learn more. If you’re looking to add an outdoor promotional banner to your place of work, we have plenty to choose from here at Connect 2 Promote.

What outdoor banners can I buy from Connect 2 Promote?

We make it our mission to stock something for everyone, and the same can certainly be said for our range of banners. One of our most popular choices is the bespoke flag in which you can fully customise it to your company logo and colours.

We also have a feature a range of bat fan flags, hand waving flags and street flags for those who are looking to think a little outside the box. For those that are looking to invest in banners for an event, we also stock a range of exhibition stand banners