Promotional Mugs

What is the one thing that is on everyone’s desk at work? Other than a computer and keyboard, everyone will have a drink. Whether it’s a cup of tea, coffee or water, everyone needs a mug to hold his or her drink. If you’re looking to spread brand awareness for your business, promotional mugs could be the way forward for you.

Not only can your staff use promotional mugs, but they also work great in client meetings. Naturally you will serve your visitors hot drinks, so what better way to subtly promote yourself than by imprinting your logo on a mug? They also work as great gifts if you’re ever at an event or promotional gig, as many people will introduce them to their mug collection at home.

Here at Connect 2 Promote, we have a whole host of fantastic mugs in which you can print your company logo and strapline on. Ranging from mug and spoon, chalky ceramic mug and the Americano medio mug for those on the go. We also stock a wide range of coasters to go along with the mugs such as the C04 square coaster, and the jigsaw coaster.

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