Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly, two important words for all companies when considering promotional merchandise in marketing budgets.

Eco-friendly, Green, Sustainable - just buzz words or a real concern for everyone?  Whatever your personal view on sustainability, the image of your company will often be viewed in light of the branded promotional merchandise you endorse.

There is increased awareness of the need for sustainable products to offset and replace single use wherever possible. This is relevant to all market sectors and there are many branded, natural products within our range which can promote a greener approach to the benefit of both your brand and that of your clients.

At Connect 2 Promote we understand the real and perceived value of green, sustainable, branded goods for both your image and that of your clients. We have a huge range of cotton, canvas, jute and bamboo based goods such as tote bags, eco pens, eco drinkware, paper products etc.  Some of the products we offer are based on recycled manufacturing techniques.  The majority of natural based products can be branded to showcase your green credentials and promote your brand as an environmentally aware company.

Media coverage, environmental pressure groups and growing public concern relating to climate change and the need to improve and preserve the environment will only increase and with it the demand for sustainable, natural based products.

With the emphasis on sustainability, Connect 2 Promote can advise you on the best way to maximise your budget in terms of the products chosen, the client impact and your corporate image.

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